DAVID WHITEMAN                                                                                                                                                      SAG-AFTRA

(609) 203-4916                                                                                                                                                       Eyes:    Brown
Height:   6’ 3”                                                                                                                                                           Hair:    Brown
Weight:   185 lbs.                                                                                                                                                Voice:  Baritone



A Christmas Carol                                                Eboneezer Scrooge                                   DPAC
The Drowsy Chaperone                                      Man in the Chair                                        DPAC & Town and Country Playhouse
Young Frankenstein                                            The Monster                                               DPAC
The Mystery of Edwin Drood                             Durdles/Cricker                                          DPAC
Noises Off!                                                            Phillip/Freddie                                            Bucks County Playhouse
Dracula                                                                 Renfield                                                        Bucks County Playhouse
City of Angels w/ Barry Williams *                    Buddy Fidler                                                Jade Curtain Ltd. Tour
Will Rogers Follies                                               Clem/Will Rogers u.s                                  Bucks County Playhouse
Oklahoma                                                             Ali Hakim                                                     Bucks County Playhouse
Sugar Babies                                                        Candy Butcher                                            Pocono Playhouse                           
Fiddler on the Roof w/Eddie Mekka*               Mordcha/Lazar Wolf                                  Jade Curtain Ltd. Tour
A Funny Thing Happened...w/Eddie Mekka    Hysterium                                                   Pocono Playhouse
Phantom of the Opera (Yeston/Koppit)           Phillipe                                                         Bucks County Playhouse
The Rocky Horror Show                                     Brad & Riff Raff                                           Bucks County Playhouse
Black Coffee*                                                       Capt. Arthur Hasting                                  All Soul’s Players, NYC
Orpheus in Westport                                          Clark Kent                                                    The Village Gate, NYC
My Fair Lady*                                                       Jamie/Doolitttle U/S                                   Jade Curtain Ltd.
The Music Man w/ Gary Sandy *                       Charlie Cowell                                             Jade Curtain Ltd.
Burn This                                                              Burton                                                          Bucks County Regional Theatre
The William                                                          Hal                                                                 Bucks County Regional Theatre
Hudson Vagabond Puppets                              Ensemble/Puppeteer                                 National Tour
Peter, Peter  *                                                      Dr. Hookah                                                  Lincoln Center
Oliver                                                                    Fagin                                                              Bucks County Playhouse
Eldred’s Will                                                         Catallus Galway                                           Dramatist’s Guild
* Denotes AEA

Murder Mysteries                                              Cops & Muderers                                        Murder Mystery Inc.
Chemical Imbalance                                          Sketch Comedy                                           Palsson’s Cabaret, NYC
Bob                                                                       Sketch Comedy                                           The Dive, Jason’s, The Duplex
Stand-Up Comedy                                              Stand-Up                                                      The Comic Strip, The Paper Moon


Kojak                                                                     Detective Dermott                                       CBS-TV
The Equilizer                                                       Police Photographer                                    CBS-TV


A Shock to the System                                        Mr. Gymp                                                     Jan Egelson - Director
Last Exit to Brooklyn                                           Striker                                                           Ule Edel - Director
Five Corners                                                         Tim Robbins Stand-In                                Tony Bill - Director

 Emerson College - Boston, MA

 Acting: Joe Cacasi, Gustav Johnson, Shirley Nemetz, Bob Bailey
 Voice: Newton Gilchrist, Rosalyn Garner, Annie Lebeaux
 Dance & Mime: Kristine Lewis & Joy of Movement
 Improv: David Regal & Paul Zuckerman, Chicago City Limits
 Commercial: Joan See & Richard Larson


            Puppetry, Voices, Dialects, Mime, Juggling, Cartooning, Artist, Own Car, Driver’s License,Road Runner Noises and Ferret Lover.